Fee Refund

Caution Money
  • Students are eligible after completion of their respective programs to claim refund of caution money within one year from the date of convocation. The caution money is subject to forfeiture if it is not claimed within the stipulated time.
  • Any amount receivable from a student for whatsoever reason will be deducted from the amount due to that student on account of caution money.
  • In cases other than above, caution money is nonrefundable and nontransferable.
Tuition Fee
  • Tuition fees for courses dropped with in due date(without penalty) will be transferred to the next semester and will not be refundable or  alternatively, they may on written request of a student, be relocated, after due approval by the competent authority, to the account of his/her sibling in the case of an on board student.
  • Tuition Fees for courses dropped after due date (with penalty) will be forfeited.
Registration Fee
  • Registration fees paid is nonrefundable and nontransferable.
Fresh Entrants

If Fresh entrants after getting admission, decides to withdraw from the Institute, the tuition fees paid will be refunded as per Higher Education Commission(HEC) refund policy as outlined here under, provided that the application submitted is duly acknowledged by an Authorized officer of the Institute.

%age of Tuition Fee Timeline For Semester System
Full (100%) Fee Refund up to  7th day  of commencement  of classes
Half (50%) Fee Refund From 8th-15th day  of commencement  of classes
No Fee (%) Refund From 16th day of commencement of classes
Provisional Admission

Students the results of whose last required qualification are awaited are provisionally admitted provided they qualify in the written test as well as interview. If such a student fails to meet admission criteria after declaration the last required results, he/she will be refunded tuition fees. If application for refund is submitted within seven days of declaration of results/grades along with a copy of result/grades. Failure to submit the refund application in time will result in forfeiture of tuition fees.

Deferment of Admission-Fresh Entrants
  • If, for whatsoever reason on the written request of a candidate the Institute defers the admission of the candidate till the next semester, tuition fee will be carried forward to the next semester. If a candidate later decides not to join, the fees so paid shall be forfeited.
  • If any candidate is allowed a second attempt to improve his/her grade/percentage of his/her required qualification in order to qualify for the admission, he/she may do so on signing of an Affidavit duly notarized. If the candidate fails in the second attempt or does not avail the opportunity of second attempt, the fees so paid shall be forfeited.
  • A candidate will remain a candidate until he is allowed to register on completion of formalities.

In case of any dispute/disagreement regarding interpretation of any clause of the Refund Policy, the decision of the Management of the Institute would be final and binding.