Programs offered for Fall 2021


BBA (Honors) 4Y
BS (Honors) Accountancy Management and Law 4Y
BS (Honors) Media Studies 4Y
BS Joint Honors Accounting and Finance 4Y
BS Joint Honors Economics and Finance 4Y
BS Joint (Honors) in Business and Psychology 4Y
BS Actuarial Science and Risk Management 4Y
BS Computer Science 4Y
BS Software Engineering 4Y
BS Data Science 4Y
BS Mathematics & Computational Finance 4Y
BS Statistics and Business Analytics 4Y
BS Mathematics and Economics 4Y
BS Economics Law and International Relations
BS Economics Media and International Relations
BS Entrepreneurship 4y
BS in Logistic and Supply Chain Management
BS Industrial Management
B.Ed Honors (1.5 Years) Weekend
B.Ed Honors (2.5 Years) Weekend
B.Ed Honors (4 Years)


MBA Educational Management 2Y
MBA Environment and Energy Management 2Y
MBA Finance and Risk Management 2Y
MBA Health and Hospital Management 2Y
MBA in Logistic and Supply Chain Management 2y
MBA Industrial Management 2Y
MBA Media Management and Marketing 2Y
MBA Regular – Evening 2Y
MBA Regular 2Y
MBA Program offered on Weekend
MBA in Entrepreneurship and SME Banking & Finance
MSc Organizational Psychology and HRM 2Y


MPhil in Business Management
MPhil in Education
MPhil in Organizational Psychology
MS Computer Science
MS Economics
MS in Engineering Management
MS in English Applied Linguistics
MS Mathematics and Scientific Computing
MS Statistics and Scientific Computing


PhD Business Management
PhD Computer Science
PhD in Economics
PhD in Education
PhD Environment and Energy Management
PhD Statistics and Scientific Computing